4 ways to market your SEO company!
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The job of a SEO company is to help market a client’s website and business online. But how do you get clients? How do you market an SEO company? Here are 4 ways to market your SEO company:

1. Build and Online Presence: Where better to market yourself than social media? Create a brand for your SEO company on social media websites and reach out to your target audience through regular optimized posts and profiles.

2. Networking: Go to business events, meet up with new people and make connections. A good network of connections is highly conducive to the growth of a business.

3. Write for Websites and Answer Questions Online: Writing on forums and blogs helps establish your credibility as someone who knows what he’s doing. You can use that platform to promote your SEO company.

4. Put Out an Ad: Go the traditional route and put out an ad in the Yellow Pages. Or better still, put out a targeted marketing campaign on Facebook and Google to get visitors to your websites. Of course, you already know all about this, being an SEO company.

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